Services are offered to Individuals and Groups
Beginning Assessment What your concerns & questions are; Which Energy tools will serve you best; Discovering your needs and desires; Determining where you’re at in your life situation; What you’ve tried before, or who you’ve seen in the past; What you’re facing, having limitations with, or wanting to change; Whether your needs are physical, emotional, spiritual or a combination; What medication you’re taking that might be affecting your body energy; What you’re currently trying, who you’re currently being advised by. Core Energy Work Determining where energy is trapped in your body; Core Energy Intuitive Coachingg Therapy; Bringing to consciousness that which was unknown; Core Energy Work to move the energy and heal physical,emotional or spiritual concerns. Hands On Healing Determining where energy is trapped in your body; Hands on Healing to move tapped physical energy blocks, to provide relief and allow healing. Intuitive Coaching Together we will determine the obstacles or blockages that are resisting your growth process, as well as work towards solutions and action steps to transform the resistance or blocks.
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